Premium Service for Blockbusters, Classic Movies, and the Latest TV series, including HBO

For those who are spending too much money on renting DVDs, or tired of purchasing and downloading movies one by one, or just simply too busy to do any of that, here is an information on how to subscribe to STAR CHANNEL, the premium movie channel offering the latest movies and TV series from abroad by broadcast, On Demand, and Internet TV.

There are three methods to subscribe to Star Channel, and each requires different equipment. So, please read the followings carefully and choose the one that suites you best.



“Premium Movie channel” that movie fans cannot miss out on, features blockbuster hits including first broadcast on TV or exclusive premier broadcast of the latest films. Regular show “More Movies” offers movie-related news and programming of movies for free.


“Select Channel” that introduces quality films and classic masterpieces selected from around the world. You will also find special feature programming with unique themes.


Japan’s only channel which offers access to the latest movies and TV series dubbed in Japanese, all day long. This is a convenient option for those who have hard time following subtitles, who are busy, and those with small children that you can enjoy movies with.